Applied Archaeology – Resource Management Systems, Inc.

RMS, Inc. provides assistance to municipalities, land trusts and other land conservation organizations in Massachusetts seeking to evaluate the probability of archaeological assets on potential land acquisitions. Conventional methods include landscape features, natural resources, and historical cultural resources. This service incorporates the potential to add pre-historical cultural values to the assessment process. The methodology is based on the use of proprietary predictive models and geographic information systems. The models developed for assessing unidentified sites for their level of probability of being real sites are based on the premise that if one can quantify elements that define existing sites, one can integrate these elements into models to identify new ones.

Archaeology Links

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Archaeology Conference June 18, 2016

Massachusetts Archaeological Society in conjunction with Eaglebrook School, Deerfield, MA

“Glacial Lake Hitchcock; Physiography and Its Primal Inhabitants”

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